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The living room is the first touch point for families within our social groups. Its a window into our lives & styles.


We go to great lengths in understanding the specific requirement of our customers for sofa, sofa set, reclining sofa, leather sofa set for their living rooms, and that's what drives us to focus only on sofas & deliver our best to the customers requirement. 


We design, develop & manufacture our sofas to international standards in partnership with some of the best & biggest OE manufacturers globally. 


We continuously offer latest sofa designs, world class sofa quality, consistency in sofa set development, synergy of sofa design on offer within the stores. Helping the customer to a selection of leather or fabric sofa sets depicting a complete homogenous story of their living room. 

Made to order, to specific dimensions or requirements is offered on select designs from our range. Do check at our store.


Warranty against manufacturing defects - 3 years on sofas structure. 2 year on mechanical & electrical parts & 1 year on upholstery.


3,2,1 SOFAS

We have an amazing range of dimensions to suit specific needs of Urban household for 3 or 2 seaters. In fabric & leather


The popular choice of household. We cater to wide configuration of sizes with ergonomically designed corner seats also. In fabric & leather.


We do specific to size configurations in 3,2,1, or L shape or U shape with manual or motorised reclining sofa. In leather & fabric.

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